Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Snow and a summer preview!

SNOW!!! Man we've had an exciting week! I woke to snow a few days of the week already with more expected!!! I LOVE SNOW!!! I looked out thew window (and what did I see....) a big FAT robin sitting in our tree surrounded by falling snow. It was such a beautiful mental memory. I wanted to take a picture, but I wasn't fast enough. So just try to imagine what I saw.....awesome huh?!
So, we have one more month of school...and then it's summertime baby!!! My tenative plans are to visit Justin June 9-15 and then again during the first part of August. I'm going to WI with Jenny Gill and my mom (so far..) and we're going to tour the mission and just have fun!!! Then in August I'll be getting there just in time to catch the YSA trip to Nauvoo!!! We'll see the Nauvoo pagent, do a session in the temple and eat at the Nauvoo house. I'm SO EXCITED!!!! AND I get to be with Justin and all of the other AF peeps I LOVE!!!
So, it's back to studying now....thanks for checkin in! Have a GREAT day!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Help needed!

Hey all!!! I have been working on a goal for my Mary Kay business for about a month now and it's getting down to the wire and I need your help! I am working on getting into my FREE CAR!!!!

I just need to borrow an evening or two of your time and your face. I want to get lots of people to the MK marketing dinner on March 26th at 6pm (yes, it's a dinner!!)If you come I will give you a free mascara or lip gloss (and a $10 gift certificate for anyone else you invite!) and I also need to borrow your faces to practice on (during a skin care class). I'm not usually one to ask for help like this, but I really really want to achieve my goals for the month of March and quailfy to get into my free car! I promise you'll have a great time and you don't have to buy a thing! I'm just looking for a few hours of your time to spend with ME! (good deal right?!) Please call, text, or shoot me an e-mail (starchar2006@yahoo.com) and let me know if you'd be willing to help me out! Thanks!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Black Tuesday

We all knew this was coming.....no not the financial crisis--the heart-break crisis. Justin left for home today (for who knows how long....) When he got here Jan 24 I knew that our time was limited, but today it ended. I'm blue. I hate saying goodbye. I am hoping that I'll be able to go out there for some time in the summer, but that might be the only time we get to see eachother until he moves here for our wedding. BAH!

We did have a great time while was here and a few things have changed (for the better)! We are engaged and have a date set-December 12th, 2009! Below is a picture of my ring (It's being sized as we speak and I should have it back by Thursday!) He did a great job! He chose it all by himself. What a good boy.
Well, I have to go shed a few more tears. Thanks to ya'all for the lovin! I love ya!

Friday, March 13, 2009


Hello to all you fine people! This weekend was our fun spring break trip to St. George, Las Vegas and California!!! We had a BLAST! We spent the afternoon and evening in St. George with my parents and then went to the St. George temple. The next day we drove to Las Vegas and did a session in that temple too. Then we met up with my grandparents from Cali and walked the strip of Vegas. Justin really thought it was cool! The next day we went on to Cali and my parents drove back home. We had dinner at my Uncle Larry's home and then drove to Gram's house in Fontana (San Bernardino area).
The next day was Monday (Justin's birthday!!!) We had planned on going to the beach that day, but it was really crappy weather so we went to Victoria Gardens (an outdoor mall) and to a movie that day. We celebrated that evening with cake and some presents (I got him some shirts). The next day was our San Diego day. We wanted to go with grams and gramps but the main purpose was to got to the San Diego temple. So they came with us and waited around while we did a session. We got to be the witness couple in the session (that was really neat!). The Celestial room of the San Diego temple has an atrium in it and so we went there to see how pretty it was. It was magnificent! I highly recommend visiting that temple!!!! It's my fav! While we were standing in the atrium Justin slipped a ring into my hand and asked me to marry him. SO CUTE! I of course said yes!!! It was PERFECT! Just how I wanted it to happen! He picked the ring out by himself and I LOVE IT!!!!!
The next day we went to the Redlands CA temple. It is very simialar to the St. Paul Minnesota temple. SO PRETTY!! We then drove back to my uncle's house because he was planning on taking us rock climbing. Man was that an experience. I forgot my camera, but the mental pictures are awesome! Justin took to it really well and scurried up the rock really fast. My uncle wanted to take him to a harder climb, but we just didn't have time. I got about 3/4 up the rock, but my arms weren't strong enough to do the last part (it was SUPER hard!) but I tried and get at least a B for effort! It was fun! Then we went to dinner with my uncle's family and my cousin took Justin snowboarding! He was pretty excited to go snowboarding in Cali. It was a blast! Then we started the 10 hour drive home the next day. It was really a BLAST!