Sunday, June 28, 2009

Wedding update

Thanks to all of you who have helped me so much! I have pretty much everything underway, on my appointment list, or have left messages. It never ceases to amaze me how much the Lord helps a righteous cause! The only battle left is scheduling bridals and engagements with the photographer (MJ Morgan) and ordering wedding announcements!!!
Oh, and I need your addresses!!! If you haven't already added your address to my database could you please click on the link (to the right underneath our wedding countdown) and enter the info. If you have emailed me that the link didn't work and gave me your addy-I added it. THANKS!!! Time is ticking and I can't wait!!!

Family Camp-out

This weekend we went camping! It was so fun! We went to the Willows in South Fork Canyon. We went with Cami, Lloyd & Max (doggie), Ty & Dawn, and Me, Mom & Dad. I was secretly (or not so secretly) wishing that Justin was going to show up at our campsite-or at least be home when we got home...but alas...he is still in We played games, basked in the sunshine, hid from the rain, got dirty, & dipped our feet in the river. This was Max's FIRST camping trip!!! He eventually got to be pretty brave and played in the river. He was having so much fun! We really loved to have Max with us! He is such a good doggie-he doesn't bark-unlike all the other annoying dogs up there! It really was a wonderful get-away. It was FREEZING cold at night though...brrr! We have decided that we need to help Mom and Dad get a tent trailor-it's insane that they don't have one yet. They can't keep sleeping in an 8 man tent on the ground! NONSENSE! So if you know of anyone that is looking to sell or knows where we can get a good deal...pass the info along!

Thursday, June 18, 2009


AHHHHH!!!! I'm so excited I could just pee my pants, scream and shout and jump up and down!!! Justin and I have decided to move our wedding date from December 12 to AUGUST 7th!!!! AUGUST 7th!!! I just can't stand it! Justin will be moving out here shortly to look for work and I just knew that we SHOULD NOT wait until December. I want his sister Heather to be there (she'll be on her mission until October) but it is just better that we don't wait. YAY!!!
So, I have been SO busy busy busy getting all that I need to done in 7 weeks!!! My dress (in the right size) won't be here in time so I'll have to get the larger size and have it altered down (if anyone knows of anyone who does that I am searching desparately). I made phone calls for about 5 hours on Wednesday to find a decorator or reception hall and just wasn't satisfied. So I was going to meet with some decorators on Friday and if I didn't choose one of them I would reserve the Chantilly mansion in Layton. Well, tonight we met with our cake decorator (she did Cami's cake 3 yrs ago) and she got so excited about my cake and the ideas I had for my reception (and the fact that I had no decorator) and said that she and her daughter have been wanting to do some reception decorating and want to do MINE!!! AHHHH!!!!! I just feel SO blessed! This is all coming together perfectly!! YAY!!!! Now I have to decide on a photographer, invitations, florist, and other little things. I hope EVERYONE can come to my reception because it will be the event of the YEAR! It is going to be SO cute! We designed my cake tonight I and I just can't wait! I'm just so happy! I think about the fact that i get to be Justin's wife in a short 7 weeks and I jsut can't even stand it! I LOVE MY LIFE!!!
Oh, and by the way, my trip to WI with mom and Jenny Gill was wonderful! I LOVE all the members there so much! We had a blast!!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

I'm a car!!

Well, today is finally here!!!! I am leaving for WISCONSIN!!!! Me, mom, and Jenny Gill are leaving on our 22 hour drive to tour the wonderful world of Wisconsin!!
I am SO excited to visit all the people I love so much in WI!

Oh, and I forgot to post last week that I have a NEW CAR!! I have a 2009 Mazda 3!! My lease was up on my other Mazda so I got a new one! It is a beauty!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

This week has been a doosy!

WOW! We have had some serious partying going on! May 25 was Dad's birthday-the big SIX-OH! That's right! 60!!!! We had a wonderful meal (bratwurst, etc.) and party for dad!

On May 27th was CAMI's 22nd birthday!! Yet another PARTY with more wonderful food!

May 28th Jenny and Jesse flew in from North Carolina!!!! It was WONDERFUL to have them here and to be with them!!! Of course we all went down to the spaghetti factory and stuffed our faces until we could no longer breathe!!! It was WONDERFUL!!

On May 30 all the girls (me, cami, jen, mom) went WEDDING DRESS SHOPPING!!!! That's right....I said WEDDING DRESS SHOPPING!!! EEKS!!! I really feel like I'm getting married now! So we tried them on (well, I did) and tried and was so fun-but very tiring. Well, after going back to a certain dress several times, we finally decided to go with that one and BOUGHT IT!!!! WAHOO!!! It is a new style they'd only had for a week and I was the first one that had even tried it on. The ladies were just raving (I know they always do, but esp about that one!-I felt pretty special). Oh MAN wedding dress shopping is SO fun! I know that all of you now want me to post a picture of it-but I WILL NOT! It will spoil the surprise. You'll just have to come to my reception to see how breath-taking it is! he he he......
My grams and gramps from Cali arrived late Saturday night to join the party. All we were missing now was Justin...darn him for living so far away! We played and partied and ate and played and partied and ate until we could no longer stand it. It was a wonderful week! They all left early this morning-we were sad to see them go.

But in less than a week mom and I depart for WISCONSIN!!! I get to see all of the wonderful Wisconsin people I love so much and JUSTIN!!! YAY!!!
Oh, and I started work this week for Dr. Ward's office....wait...maybe that was last week. Either way...I'm a working girl for the summer....I'll get to have a paycheck! WAHOO!!!