Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving & Black Friday

This was a busy week! I have been working on the cookbook for the Dental Hygiene girls all this week. I've been at the computer lab everyday for the last several weeks to get it done (I don't have a computer or the internet at home). Well, of Friday I turned it over to FedEx to print!!! HOORAY! This has taken lots of time and effort and I'm nearly done! YAY! They are WONDERFUL with the BEST recipes in them for only $8.00! Let me know if you'd like a copy...I have lots of extras...
Thanksgiving was wonderful! We all pitched in and created a wonderful Thanksgiving feast! I made a lemon fruit salad (my hubby's request) and 2 pumpkin pies (my first time!). We had a family join us this year. They are from Jenny's ward in North Carolina and just moved here. It is a hubby, wife, and 3 DARLING little angel girls. I am SO happy that they joined us, it was a wonderful day of eating, playing, eating, talking, eating, watching TV, and eating. I am so thankful for my family! I LOVE spending time with them!
Justin has been wanting a new TV for Christmas. We looked over the black Friday adds and decided that the prices were good enough for us to buy one Friday morning. So after choosing a few places (like Best Buy and Target) and then deciding that we weren't that brave we decided on Shopko. So at 4:30 am we stood in line and were let in at 5. We darted all around the store. There were lots of people, but none of them seems to want what we were there for! YAY! We got the slip to pay for our TV and got our first Christmas Tree for $20! It was a good day. So we got home by 5:30 with our treasures and had our new TV set up by 6am! I am glad we went to Shopko because it wasn't nearly as bad as I've been in before. Justin however truly doesn't understand the madness and chaos that Black Friday usually involves. He still thinks taht we could have shown up to any store at 10 am and they would have had what we wanted...WRONG-O! Maybe I'll take him to Walmart on another Black Friday to really show him what it is like. Oh well, MERRY CHRISTMAS TO US!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

New Job

WOW! Time has gone by so fast! Only 3 more weeks of school this semester!!! YAHOO!!!
Char has gotten a new job for the holiday season! I am now working at Bath and Body Works in the Newgate Mall. We needed a little extra cash and they were hiring and willing to work with my crazy school schedule! So I had orientation last night and will be starting in the next few weeks. Come on in and see me!!!
Justin has been told by 3 different departments that they want to hire him, but the company isn't hiring yet. They said they will be soon....but until then we just have to wait. He is getting sick of being a temp-and he now has 3 temps under him that he manages.
Life is going well otherwise. We are excited for the holidays to come. Justin's mom, sister and step-dad will be here this weekend. Heather (sister) got her her mission 3 weeks ago and is touring Arizona with her parents. They will stop here for a few days to play with us. I'm super excited to see them!!!