Saturday, May 16, 2009

A hiking we will go....

Yesterday I went with the YSA's in our stake to hike up waterfall canyon. It was BRUTAL! Ok, so it really wasn't all that bad, but it was pretty intense...lots of rocks, more rocks and then there were some rocky parts. I stayed with Karla Krause most of the time and after a little detour along the shoreline trail (we went the wrong way....) we made our way back to the path and eventually to the top. It was beautiful and SO worth all that work! The waterfall was AMAZING! See for yourself. Bro. Joe Krause ( took these pics for us:

Of course the way down was wonderful! And I got a phonecall from my love on the last 15 minutes of the way down....what could have been better? (I guess having him in person would have been....) It was a fun hike and I'll for sure go again! I never remember how hard hikes are once I'm done and to the bottom-but they are always worth it. Go hiking and enjoy life!

Monday, May 11, 2009

I'm back....

So my week with Justin has come to an end. Boo.....
We had a wonderful week! Justin had to work everyday, but I kept myself busy with the missionaries, other members, reading and sleeping. It always feels so good to be with the members of the AF ward! On Friday we went down to the YSA Milwaukee conference (a 2-day event) with Joey and had a blast! He drove us in his fancy new car and did a great job (Justin LOVES to give driving lessons....Joey was very patient and did great!) Saturday night we decided to go to a hibachi (spelling?) grill with Dave and Jess (brother and sister-in-law). None of them had ever been before and it was quite an experience (an expensive one!) We had fun! Sunday was perfect (I LOVE church in the AF ward!) We went to a firside that evening in Wausau with Joey. Monday was preparation day with the missionaries! We played Kickball, volleyball, games, and went up the steps (aka the mound) for FHE where the Elders from Stevens Point and Wisconsin Rapids gave a fun lesson.

On Tuesday I went with the missionaries to District meeting and lunch. That was so fun to be back in the missionary world! Wednesday was YM/YW at the church-yet another opportuinity to spend with the AF ward. Justin was asked to help a ward member move some furniture so we went over. They live about 1 mile off the road and have a huge beautiful home! I told Justin that if he would build me a house like that we could live in the country like he wants to--a good compromise I thought. I really think I will like living in the country....
Thursday was SUPER exciting because lots of Justin's family came over to meet me. Robert and Amber Chaffee (and kids) drove down from Medford, WI (an almost 3 hr drive!) just to meet me! We had a blast all day!! Thursday was supposed to be my last day, but I talked to Amy and asked if we could stay a little we decided to start our drive home saturday instead....the surprises just keep coming! Friday was a good day-I spend the whole day with Justin's mom. We made LOTS of frienship bread, weeded, and chatted. It was wonderful. Then Justin and I spend the evening together reading and just enjoying each others company. Saturday morning at 8ish Amy came to pick me up and we stared our 22 hour drive home. We got lost only 1 time and ran into a HUGE snow storm in Wyoming around 12:30-1:30 am. It was a pretty good drive and we got home at around 6 am.
This is our mileage on the often does this happen (and we see it?)

All-in-all it was a wonderful week with my love! The most fun part was surprising him and hearing him over and over whisper in my ear: "Thank you so much for surprising me....I'm so glad you came!"

I just love my life!!!!

Friday, May 1, 2009

I LOVE surprises!

Yesterday i got on a plane and flew to Wisconsin to surprise my fiance with a visit! It was SO much fun! I spent the day with Amy Mann and around 7 pm we got to his home. I had Amy call his mom to ask if she could drop something by for church on Sunday. Barb (Justin's mom) said that they were going camping this weekend and wouldn't be in church, but she was welcome to drop off what she needed. When we got there the whole family (Justin, mom and John) were outside trying to get the tent trailer hooked up to a vehichle. I got out of the car and made a shh.... gesture to John as he saw me. Then I snuck around the car and did the same for his mom (who did a double take when she saw me! he he) and she gave me a HUGE hug-I love that woman! Then I stood by the end of the car and said "what are you doing?" to Justin and he looked up and in great shock said "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!" He he he! Needless to say I was a BIG surprise! YAY! So after he doddled around a bit (he wasn't even sure what to do!) I asked him if he was planning on giving me a he did. I LOVE MY LIFE! Now I get to spend a week or so with him and all of the people I love so much here in AF Wisconsin!