Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Life marches on.....

It's that time again...back to school for THE LAST TIME EVER!!!! I can hardly believe that it is my last semester in Dental Hygiene school! I take my boards in the middle/end of March and then it's smooth sailing (until the job hunt beings).
Our first Christmas was wonderful! Heather (Justin's RM sister) was coming out to stay with us for a few weeks until she went up to BYU-I for school. Well, justin's mom Barb decided that it would be nice to help Heather drive out here and stay for Christmas! So we had his fam (some of them anyway) with us for Christmas! It was wonderful! We were busy running around, going shopping, going to see the lights at Temple square and downtown Ogden, to the temple. It was so fun!
On Christmas morning we woke up aroung 7ish and went down to open presents! I got Justin a guitar stand for his guitar and I had it restrung for him. He was SO excited!! I also got him a onesie for the temple. LOL! It was his fav present and he's been wanting one for SO long! He looks pretty cute in it. He got me a box of lego's that said "lets build something together." I was a little confused, but I thought it was cute. When we were all done, he was getting up off the couch to go shower and he moved the couch and there were 4 more presents underneath it! He loves to surprise me. He got me a necklace, earrings, and 2 willow tree decorations. One of them is the little boy holding a golden heart and the other is little girl with the golden heart. LOVE THEM! What a cutie! We had such a wonderful first Christmas. We finished the day eating, playing, eating, sleeping, opening TONS of presents (my mom spoils us!)and eating at moms house with everyone. It was wonderful!!!