Tuesday, July 24, 2012

8 more days!!!

We are now only 8 days away from meeting our new little son. Unless by some stroke of luck he decides to come earlier, we are having a C-section on August 1. I feel so blessed to be pregnant and have made it this far, but man it is not easy! The last stretch is SO UNCOMFORTABLE!! I am SO glad that my last day at work was last week (until Nov when I'll go back 3 days a week).

A few items to update you on: Cami & Lloyd had their first kiddo on July 14! She was tiny at 6 lbs 1 oz and 19 inches long. She has tons of hair and it is naturally highlighted, so pretty!!Her name is Abagail Jane. She is just so darling and I want to spend every waking moment with her. This of course made it much harder to have to wait and cook our little boy longer. I JUST WANT HIM HERE NOW!!! Cami did great with labor/delivery and Lloyd was so brave and even cut the cord. Not that it will surprise anyone but they are amazing parents. Everything has been going smoothly and they (mostly Cami) are adjusting to life with very little sleep. She is such a champ!!

I am going to use Jamie Healy for our newborn pics also and I CAN'T WAIT!!!

Tyler married Jana Barraclough on May 4. They wanted a very quite no fuss wedding so they went to an orchard with just the Bishop, photographer, my parents and her mom (who flew in from Florida), and of course their daughter Chandler (4 yrs old). I got a text in the evening with a picture and text reading: Meet Mr. & Mrs. Christensen and their daughter Chandler. This was all a surprise to us since their wedding date was set to have been July 21. But we are happy to have Jana and Chandler in the family. They are very happy and living in Riverdale in Ty's townhome.

Mom and Dad are doing great. My mom is trying to keep up with her two new grand-babies and loving every minute. Chandler and Gramma are best friends and play together constantly. We all fight over who gets to hold little Abby on Sundays.

Jenny and Jesse are doing wonderfully! Jesse graduated from Pharmacy school at Wingate University in North Carolina in May. We (me, mom, dad) went out for the ceremony and to see beautiful NC. It was SUCH A FUN TRIP! We always love to see Jenny & Jesse and they took us to some of their most favorite places and we ate way too much delicious food. We are so proud of Jesse! And of Jenny for dealing with putting him through school. She deserves a diploma as well! They plan to eventually make it back to Utah (YAY!) but Jesse has to do some hours out there before he will apply for a Pharmacy license in Utah. He was offered a job at Walgreens and after many many years is finally bringing in a paycheck (which Jenny couldn't be happier about! They have really had to live minimally for a long time now and are loving some extra $$). Jenny will be coming out August 21 for a few days to meet the new little kiddos (and Jana) in our family. I can't wait to see her again!!!

I've been busy getting the nursery all in order and although I still have some pictures to hang up and a few other last minute items to take care of (like having a baby) it is DONE!! 

For fathers day Justin got a Chainsaw. He has been wanting to cut down some of the trees that are weak or starting to choke out other bushes. The lady we bought the home from although she was very amazing with her landscaping went a little crazy and now we (Justin mostly) have to tone it down so that it can grow.
For Mothers Day I got a sewing machine!! I know SO many people who are pregnant and I thought it would be more fun to make them stuff rather than buy it. Well because of Pinterest (SO ADDICTED) I have all these patterns and ideas that I have been working away on. I mostly have been doing newborn bundles that have: 1 receiving blanket, 2-3 burp cloths, 2 bibs, 1 changing mat, and sometimes a binky clip. They have been SO fun to make. Here are a few pics of the fabrics I've made them from.
Over July 4th week Justin and I met his brother Robert and their family (Amber, Zack, & Aubry) in Yellowstone for some good fun and camping. We all had a very relaxing trip and loved all the amazing things we saw. They had never been in the west before (except for Amber-Robert's wife-who was here when she was young). The kids loved it and we saw lots of bison and elk. We then drove to Idaho to see Heather (Justin's littlest sister) and her husband Steve. Then they came back to our home and we took them to the Hogle Zoo and the Old Spaghetti Factory (of course, my fav!). They then left to drive back to Wisconsin and planned to stop at Mt. Rushmore on their way home. We had so much fun with them and are so glad they came to visit!!
Zach, Amber, Robert
Aubry, Amber, Robert, Zach
Justin posing (notice the bison under his arm....)
The whole gang
The girls at lower falls
Sunrise from our campground.  SO BEAUTIFUL!!
 I think that is all that has been going on over the last few months....hopefully I'll get better about blogging when our little boy gets here.....I can't wait!!!