Saturday, February 27, 2010

Tour of Justin's work

Justin works at Cargill/Horizion milling on 24th & G in Ogden. The facility opens to the public 2 days a year tours. We went on Saturday morning and it was so educational! Up to this point he has been working mostly as a utility crew member cleaning up the piles of flour on the floor and painting. I always hear about how he spent the whold day on floor 7 painting and now I got to see all the hard work he's been doing. It was fun. We had to put on glasses, hard hats and earplugs to go in so here we are all dressed and ready to go.

On Friday night the Standard Examiner was there and did a report on the facility. A few of the workers there that night touring with their families were metioned in the article. It was really neat and Justin felt proud (as he should) for working for such a great company!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Hair Cut

The day before Thanksgiving I cut my hair! I've wanted to cut it for SO long, so I finally did it! I cut off about 8 inches! This is just a random picture-it's much cute in real life, but you'll get the idea. I LOVE my new haircut!!!

Bath & Body Works

I've been working at bath and body works through the Christmas season and they've kept me on for floor-sets on sunday nights. A floor set is when we change the floor-either the tables or the walls-when a new product is introduced or for holidays/sales. Well, we've done lots over the last month or so. I had NO idea how hard the B&BW employees work! We are constantly moving boxes, restocking, moving more boxes and organizing. So, my most proud floorset was when I did the soap wall for the launch of the new soap line. It took from 8pm to 3am! This is a picture of me next to my wall at 3am! Cami helped me from 2-3am when she had finished her project.