Thursday, August 26, 2010

Where does the time go?

Well, a lot has been going on this summer so I thought I'd give a recap post about all of the festivities.

July 12-17 we went to Yosemite National Park with my mom's brother Larry and his family. It was awesome! We hiked, slept, ate, played, swam, hiked and ate some more. Cami, Lloyd, Justin, Larry, and his father-in-law went on the half-dome hike. If you haven't ever heard of this-it's pretty much one of the hardest and most ambitious hikes on the planet! It's a 16 mile hike with a 4,800 foot elevation gain! So, pretty much uphill the whole way! They 7 miles up and because of a traffic jam at the cables to get to the top (and the fact that their bodies were pretty much giving out) they turned around and came back down with every intention to train better and go again! I am so proud of them! We didn't directly see any bears but in our campsite (Toulmne campground) they have had 85 injuries/deaths from bears THIS SEASON!!! Sheesh! So, we were very careful about locking up our food in the bear boxes they have in each site. Justin and I were in a tent and we thought we heard some bears a few nights, but we were safe. And the staff at Yosemite always has their radar on the bears so I felt that we were safe. Mom and I decided on day that we were going to wash our hair at camp. That was a hilarious and very chilly experience! The things we do for beauty! We took the chance to go to Mammoth and ride the gondolla up to the top of the Sierra's. There was still snow up there! It was so beautiful and amazing to be at the top of a mountain! What a great vacation!!!

July 28 was Mom's birthday! We had a great party celebrating her. We LOVE birthdays in our family and we usually go overboard, but isn't that what celebrating life is all about? Happy Birthday mom!

August 7 marked our 1 year anniversary! We took the opportunity to go to the Bountiful temple to do some sealings as the Ogden temple was closed-and we were sealed in the Bountiful temple! We were able to do sealings for some from Justin's family and some from my mom's family. We then went to Tempenyaki for dinner. It was a great weekend! How happy I am to have such an amazing husband who works so hard for us! He is the best!

Around the middle of August we went on a road trip with another couple that we just love! We went to the Vernal temple. Justin and I LOVE to go to temple trips and we are trying to get to all of the temples in Utah-but they just keep building more before we can catch up! The vernal temple is so beautiful and unique! The inside was breathtaking and so original. We had a blast!

A few weekends ago Cami, mom and I put together the crib! I was too excited to get it done! It was really fun to do that together. But we just decided this week that we're going to be moving into a duplex in Roy (rigth next to Cami!) so we probably should have waited, but I just couldn't stand to have the crib in a box and not up-and we didn't know for sure that we'd be moving at that point.....but oh well!