Wednesday, June 30, 2010

ADHA in Las Vegas baby!

My friend Staci and I were funded to go to the national Dental Hygiene meeting in Las Vegas and present our research project for judging. It was the funnest trip I've had in a LONG time! We had a blast! We went everywhere and did everything (that we wanted to that is). We didn't go to any shows, but we sure did have fun! We stayed in Ceasar's palace (AMAZING ROOM!) and our room overlooked the bilagio water foutains so we saw about 8-10 of their water shows. We were busy busy and just had fun! We rode in a limo, ate at fancy restraunts, saw Captain Jack Sparrow and Edward, went to a toga party, etc...
We went down with some other students from WSU and our faculty advisor Kami Hanson and her family. It really was a great trip and I am SO glad I got to be there with my buddy Staci!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Fathers Day

Happy Fathers Day to all you amazing dads our there! We decided to get my dad a waterpik flosser for fathers day (I's a lame "my daughter is a hygienist" present) but he has been loving it! Since Justin is a father now...kinda...I decided that I'd try to be more supportive and let him get a PS3. I had my first big check come in from temping so I said he could get it-I know I'll regret that! For dessert I made brownie cupcakes and decorated them to look like hot dogs and kabobs on the grill (thanks to my friend Andrea for the idea). It was a great day!

Sunday, June 20, 2010


Our first camping trip of the summer was SO fun! We stayed in the willows just north of Ogden Canyon. We enjoyed warm weather, sunshine, games, food, and dipping our feet in the river. I LOVE camping! This was mine and Justin's first camping trip married! So we had our own tent and a queen air mattress and sleeping bags to share. I've always wanted to have someone to snuggle and sleep with while camping and who better than my heater of a hubby! I was SO warm all night! It was wonderful!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Maternity Clothes

On Memorial day weekend my mom and I went out maternity clothes shopping. It was a blast! My manager at B&BW used to work at Motherhood Maternity and said that we need to go in and ask for April the manager and tell her we want the "grand tour." That is code for show me the stuff I'll actually need, not the stuff you're trying to upsell. So we went over and fell in love immediately! Their clothes are SO cute and really affordable! After April got an idea of the clothes I like to wear and what I'll need for work/church/play she filled a dressing room for me to try on. We told her that we were bargain shoppers so she only put stuff in the room that was on sale/clearance! It was SO fun! Not many other people were in the store so the two girls working there were basically with us the whole time getting this and commenting on that. I felt like a queen! They also had the fake belly for me to put on so we could visuallize what it will look like when I'm more pregnant. So here are some pictures of our day...