Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Looking back on things September has been a busy month for me historically and lately.

Thurs September 1 I had surgery at Ogden Regional Medical Center. I have been getting infected and swollen sweat glands in my right armpit (gross I know...I swear I shower daily!!!) and b/c they had been happening more frequently the dr decided that he needed to go in and try to stop any further infections by removing the affected sweat glands. I was a mess that day as just being in that building caused me a lot of emotions. I hadn't been back since Brannick was lifeflighed from there to PCMC. It was bittersweet to be back, but I was thankful it was for a diffent reason this time. Anyway, the surgery went fine. I now have to nickel sized holes in my armpit that hurt like heck that I have to change to dressing on 2 times a day. Its not glamorous to be me, but someone has to do it. The Dr said they should be healed up in a month or so.

Sept 6: One year ago today I received my endowments in the Ogden Temple before my mission. What an amazing day that was! It seems like yesterday I was being escorted through the beautiful halls by the sweetest old lady ever. That was one of the most special days of my life.

September 9 has a few special things behind it: My little sister Cami & her hubby Lloyd were endowed in the Bountiful temple in preparation for their marriage on Sept 14. The 9th was also the day I was told that I'd be meeting our Sweet Brannick 3 months sooner than planned. I was admitted into the hospital that day and anxiously waited to be a mother of the most wonderful son anyone could ever ask for.

September 11 is a memorable day for our country but also was the day we got to meet sweet Brannick. What a birthday to have! (he is so dramatic). We have designed a headstone and are planning to have it installed on either the day before or the day after his birthday as his Bday is on a Sunday this year. We are excited to have some cake to celebrate his first birthday and wish he were still here for us to spoil.

September 14 Cami and Lloyd got married! Happy 5 year anniversary!!

Sept 18 is my dear friend Shalyce's birthday!!! YAHOO!!

Hopefully on Sept 29 we will be HOMEOWNERS!!!