Sunday, May 30, 2010

Our Miracle

You guess it, we're pregnant! I've been feeling sick for a little over a month now and I thought I should take a pregnancy test. We weren't trying, but weren't preventing. Well, with a lot of emotions, I took the test and sure as day it read "PREGNANT." Well, ok, it was two pink lines....but you get the idea.
With some spectulating we thought that I might be about 6-8 weeks along. I called an OB and scheduled an appt. When we got there I told her when my last cycle was and some of my health issues. She said that she'd be able to tell how old the baby was with the ultrasound. When she got the baby on the screen she said "WOW! You're REALLY pregnant!" What? What does that mean? She told us that we are 11-12 weeks along!

I'm almost done with my first trimester and for 2 months I didn't even know I was pregnant? And of all the 2 months ever to have had, it was before my board exams and during the final semester of college! I feel so blessed that I wasn't so sick that I had to postpone my board exams. I am just in shock at the whole experience still! WHAT?! I'm 3 months pregnant! wow.....
Justin is just beside himself with excitement. I told him he had to wait until after our first appointment to tell anyone and when I came back into the waiting area at the dr's office (I had to have blood work done) he was already on the phone calling all his siblings. Wherever we go he makes sure that I announce our little baby growing. It's so fun to see and be a part of!

So our next ultrasound will tell us the gender of the baby hopefully......

Monday, May 17, 2010

Trip to Wisconsin

For graduation my parents bought us a ticket to go to Wisconsin! It has been almost a year since Justin was home and I wanted him to have a chance to visit with his family (that he secretly misses but won't admit to). We had a great time! We got to see everyone in the family (except Heather who is in school at BYU-I). Each day was full and busy busy busy! We went here and there and had the grandkids over and played. I'm not used to having kids around so that part was a little (a lot) overwhelming for me, but I love them all just the same. While we were there Jessica (David's wife) had their 3rd little boy. That was fun! His name is Trent Hayden Chaffee.
This is a picture of gramma (Barb) holding Trent.

The kids just couldn't get enough of "Fun Uncle Justin" and he was as usual "Jungle Gym Joe." They all love to climb and jump all over him (and he loves the attention). Anytime he could he was playing with the kids and having a blast!

We went with Christine and Megan to Marshfield to spend some time with Grandma Loretta and Aunt Sarah. They are so fun! We went to the World Buffet (a chinese buffet-they are HUGE in Wisconsin.

We got to go Karokeeing. The Chaffee's LOVE to karokee and are pretty dang good at it. Robert is the famous one of all of them so I was super excited to hear him sing, but he had worked a night shift before driving down to see us and had fallen there was no waking him. So Amber, Bridget, Roger, Justin, me and Barb went. It was a blast! I have never gone karokeeing before and what an experience. Justin was the star of the show! He sang the most songs. Around 11 Ben and Becky joined us. It was a blast!

We really had a great time and can't wait to go back again! I always love seeing the wonderful people in the AF ward and all of our family and friends!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Mothers Day

For mothers day Cami and I took mom to the Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving point. It was so amazing! She has always wanted to go. It was right in the middle of a long week of rain, rain, and rain. Well, we decided to head off with hopes that maybe the rain would hold off long enough for us to see the tulips. Just before lagoon it started to rain so hard I was going about 40mph. But we kept on driving with high hopes. When we got to the point of the mountain it was bright and sunny with rain clouds in a circle around us. It was a little chilly, but SO pretty and just perfect for us to enjoy all the tulips. It was a great day with mom!!!