Thursday, August 20, 2009


My wedding day the THE MOST PERFECT day EVER!!! Everything was perfect! If you werne't able to come enjoy the day with us, YOU TOTALLY MISSED OUT!!! I had a nice relaxing morning getting ready, then got to the temple. We had a wonderful sealing-our sealer was HILARIOUS and just the cutest ever!! We went out and greeted our family/friends and took millions of pics (they are amazing!!) Then we got to our luncheon which was most delicious-it was an italian stir fry. You choose the toppings you want and they saute it and add it to pasta and sauce. It was so yummy!!! Then we hurried and got changed back into wedding attire and took more pics and then it was time for my MOST BEAUTIFUL reception! It just SCREAMED Charlotte! It was even more beautiful than I imagined possible! Breath-taking! Then we headed up to the Providence Inn (in Logan, UT) and stayed 2 nights. On Saturday we did a session in the Logan temple and went to dinner. Sunday we started our 22 hour drive to the surprise location. HE TOOK ME TO NAUVOO!!! I was SO excited! We toured everything, took carriage rides, watched the shows, and did a session in the temple with one of me recent converts from Justin's ward that was being endowed that day! It was perfect. We went to Carthage Jail on Wednesday and then headed up to WI to get ready for our other reception. Thursday we sat around and were lazy all day but Friday we went to the Dells and played. Saturday was our reception there which was wonderful! His mom and the whole ward worked so hard to get all the yummy food done. Most of his family was there-it was a blast to meet them all! I am SUPER excited to be a part of the Chaffee family! I have 2 wonderful families-could I be more lucky?! We left Saturday afternoon and got home Sunday afternoon. It was a wonderful honeymoon! I LOVE being married!

This week we are just trying to put our apartment together and hang stuff and buy little extra's that we needed (like a can opener...very important!!) MY LIFE IS PERFECT!!!
Sorry there are no pictures....there has been no time.....

Monday, August 3, 2009

Just checking in....

Hi all!
I am just checkin in to let you know that I am still alive and only 3 days from my WEDDING!!! It is still very unreal...I feel like I am planning and planning and this day is so far away still...but 3 days is just little!!! HOLY CRAP! I know that I haven't been up on my blogging but time just slips away! Justin is now living in our apartment-and I am missing him very badly! It is his first night there (hence the time to blog instead of snuggle-which, lets face it, I'd rather be snuggling than blogging). We are all set and our family is slowly trickeling in day by day. What a happy time! Thanks for all the concern! See you soon!
**Please please please if I didn't manage to get you an invitation you are so welcome to come to our reception and be with us. It will be at 3649 W 4800 S in Roy from 6:30 to 8:30. It is very hard to make sure that everyone got one and we are still getting returned mail from ones we sent a few weeks ago. Thanks!