Wednesday, July 28, 2010

We're having a........


Today was our 20 week appointment. Since the baby wasn't cooperating last visit we had to wait till today to find out what we're having. She started the ultrasound and said that our baby was curled up in a ball. So she pushed around a little to help him stretch out. She showed us the tummy, head and legs. As she was moving around she said....OH! I think I just saw "it." I think he's a boy! She was trying to get a good shot of the legs but his legs were pressed together tight and he wasn't about to move. She said he was very shy/modest and stubborn. Perfect combo of Justin and I (you figure out who is what....).
So she snapped a quick shot and showed us a "bundle" next to the leg. If it wasn't his "thing" that she had no idea what it was.

We are So excited! Justin got on the phone and called all of his siblings and mom and I got busy texting away to as many people as I could. We are SO excited! We would have loved anything, but it sure does feel right to have a little Chaffee boy on his way. HOORAY!!! Oh, and happy birthday mom! She bought us our first baby outfit today after the appt (and yes, that is my tummy that got in the way of the picture....)