Sunday, January 23, 2011

More cute pictures

I just can't stand how fun it has been to have Brannick wearing clothes. I get to hold him all the time now and I hope that within the next few weeks he can start learning how to eat.

This onsie is a Carters newborn size. He still has a ways to go to fit into this size:

The first time gramma got to hold him:

His cute sleeper outfit-still pretty big on him:

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Well, Brannick is now extubated and has a new little gadget in his nose to help give him the oxygen support he needs. He is now living in an open crib!! YAHOO! And that means he gets to wear clothes! The extubation/transition to the nasal canlua wasn't smooth at all, but he has learned to deal and is doing great! His vocal chords were depressed w/the ET tube for so long that he can't yet make noise, he just kind of squeaks and sounds weird when he tries to cry, but I love it!

Brannick in clothes:

My new oxygen support:

I love how is holding on to Justin's finger so tightly in this pic. He has just been throwing a fit so he doesn't look too happy...

Sunday, January 9, 2011

4 months old

Well, on Jan 11 Brannick will be 4 months old! He has come so far! On December 23 he had laser eye surgery because the blood vessels in his eyes were not forming correctly and if they hadn't have fixed it his retina would have detached and he would be blind. That could still happen, but this surgery was a step in the right direction. It has shown success so far but we will just have to wait and see what his eyes do when they are fully developed.
On January 3rd he had a diaphragm plication where they folded over and stitched his diaphragm down to his side so the lung can have room to fully expand and function. This was done because he has a paralyzed diaphragm on the right side and this will help him to be able to breathe on his own. He will most likely be extubated this week and breathing on his own! Then he will graduate to an open bed and get to wear clothes.
He has grown SO MUCH! To me, he looks HUGE!!! He weighs 3 lbs 12 oz now. He is a little michelin man. We have been able to hold him a lot more now. If I have the time, I can usually hold him every time I go. It is so wonderful and he responds so positively to each kangaroo care. I just love the little guy!

Brannick & Daddy:

Family Picture:

We had a great Christmas! My sister Jenny was here with her hubby Jesse from North Carolina. My grandma an grandpa from Cali came too. It was SO fun to have them here! We had so much fun. We got lots of fun pics of them with Brannick and we even got a 4 generation picture.

4 Generations:

Brannick & Uncle Jesse:

Brannick & Aunt Jenny:

Justin surprised me with a kitchen table and chairs for Christmas. We had been using my parents card table and old chairs. I LOVE it! He did a great job picking it out! I feel so grown up having my own table. I got him an ipod. He was always using mine and constantly asking if he could take it and my docking station to work so I got him his own and loaded all of his music onto it. I don't think he has put it down. We got a klik klack from my parents. It is an upscale futon. We wanted a futon for our spare room because we are often blessed with company and it is so much nicer than a blow-up-mattress. We were so blessed this year! Brannick got lots of cute things, especially from past parents of NICU babies. They left TONS of stuff by his crib.

He stole santas pants (but went shirtless to show off his muscles):

Christmas hat from Great Gramma

Hat from Santa and Socks from a nurse:

So far we have had a great year! Justin and I are both blessed with work. I am working hygiene at a dental office in North Ogden now about 2.5 days a week and Justin works so hard for our family at the flour mill. We are so happy and hoping that by April we can have Brannick home with us to stay.