Friday, October 7, 2011

Our New House!!!

Well it has happened! We are homeowners! We closed on September 30 and moved in that day. We are LOVING it! We have so much room and have quickly found out that we don't have enough to fill the house. But that is just fine for now because I know that it is so easy to aquire too much stuff so we will just enjoy the spaciousness and echoing for now. We are living in Perry (just south of Brigham City). It has added approx 12 minutes to Justin's drive to work and has taken off 5 minutes from mine (for the N. Ogden office). We have a beautifully landscaped yard (all of which we can thank the previous owner/builder for) and a beautiful home that is apart from others and gives us lots of privacy. It is SO fun! I'll take some pictures soon and post them.
We are both doing fine, just trying to unpack and move in. Our jobs are wonderful and our family is wonderful. I am having to adjust to life without Cami next door and mom 5 minutes away. It has been ok so far, but I know it is going to be hard as time goes on. After all, it's only been a week, a very very busy week.
We are really excited to be in our new ward. They were there to help us unpack the truck and many members have been stopping by to bring jam and bread and other goodies. We will sincerely miss our old ward as we weren't planning on leaving them and had only been there 1 year. But this is where the Lord wants us to be at this time.
Well, that is all for tonight, we just got the internet hooked up today and I have much to do. Peace to all!