Saturday, February 26, 2011

Bath Time & Fashion Show

Well, Brannick and I have had so much fun this week! I have worked a lot, but when I am there I have stayed for a long time. Every Mon, Wed, & Friday (and as needed) it is bath night in the NICU. I was able to be there Wednesday and this was Brannick's first time getting IN the bath tub and not having a sponge bath. He LOVED it! His eyes were all huge and he was so excited! It was DARLING! I was really nervous to be the first to put him in the bath, and man are babies slippery when wet!! LOL! He just kind of kept slipping out of my hands and slumping. It was quite hilarious to watch.

First real bath!

Then I got to play dress up. He got so big so fast that I am in a hurry to get him to wear the cute preemie clothes he was given. He wore Uncle Ty's outfit on Wednesday

Clothes from Uncle Tyler:

Aunt Cami's on Friday (after another bath)

Dino outfit from Aung Cami & Uncle Lloyd:

Bath time:

He always wears gramma's outfits and next will be the ones I bought him. It is SO fun!

My cute doggie outfit from gramma Terry:

He has been feeling better this week. We are crossing all of our fingers, toes, and limbs that he will be healthy for a while and can really grow and progress like he is supposed to. He is currently a VERY CHUBBY 6 lbs, 4 oz! I just love this little guy!

Brannick in his new bouncer:

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Brannick is 5 Months!

Well, he is now 5 months old and 5 lbs 10 oz! He has gotten to be quite the chubby baby! Who knew that he could be chubby with how small he started? Amazing! He is doing well. He got sick a few weeks ago and had to be reintubated for a few days. Those were bad days for he and I. He was a maniac! His nurses couldn't figure out who he was cuz he was so angry about being on the ventillator again. Poor little guy! But they extubated him after about 5 days and he was great! A totally different kid! He was having a double doses of sedatives every 2 hours and was still ridiculous! We are SO glad to have him on only high flow oxygen again.
Not too much exciting news other than he is a cute chubby baby that loves to sleep and snuggle on mom. I LOVE that part!
Stretching and yawning:

Sleeping in his favorite spot on mom:

My cute Choo-choo outfit:

Supporting the packers!: