Sunday, August 14, 2011

Summer updates

Well, again I have lacked on the blogging. We have a whole summer to catch up on so lets get
started. July was awesome as it was my BIRTHDAY!!! July 2 (aka the best day of the year) brought some wonderful times. Mom, Cami & I went shopping while the boys went golfing. Then we all went to my favorite Mexican resturant Bella's. Then it was presents and cake and ice cream at our home. I got some cute shirts and Ratitoullie from Cami, $ from Tyler & Grams Vi & Christensen, and just lots of other things I can't think of right now....
July also brought Mom's 55th Birthday! We love celebrating birthday's in our family so any excuse to get together and party is our time!!
The Kitties are getting so big! They are very naughty but are just a bundle of fun! They are just now starting to shed a little, which we have THOROUGHLY enjoyed not having cat hair everywhere...but we knew that day had to end. This is a picture of Lamar after he had tipped over the bag of catfood and climbed inside for a little snacky. He is so naughty.

Chloe in the sink, her fav spot in the morning:

Posing for a picture:

We went to Vegas on our way to San Diego for Heathers Wedding (Justin's little sister).
Justin & I at the Venetian in Las Vegas:

They were married on July 21 in the San Diego Temple. It was such a beautiful sealing and day. It was so relaxed and just absoultely amazing! She looked so beautiful and she and Steve were so happy! There reception was beautiful at his parents clubhouse.
The cute new married couple:

Getting some cake:

Grabbing a bite to eat of the delish Mexican catered food:

While we were in Cali we went golfing to an amazing course! I am a recent golfer and although I am terrible we sure do have fun together.
Golfing in Cali:

We really enjoyed every minute in Cali with Justin's family and with my grandparents and uncle. Mom flew down for the weekend so we could spend time together w/grams. It was awesome!!
Harbor Cruise in San Diego:

We have also gone camping a few times this summer in my parents new tent trailer. It is so nice to camp in a trailer instead of a tent!

And now for the big news: We are buying a HOUSE!! We decided to start looking w/the potential of moving in January or February. We found this house that we loved and the owner had just dropped the price under the bracket we were looking in. She has had her home on the market for 6 months and had dropped the price by $50,000! So we decided that if we wanted a chance at the house we needed to put in an offer. So we did and she countered and we accepted!! So if our financing goes through, we will close on Sept 29 and be homeowners!!!! The home is in Perry. It's a 6 bedroom, 3 bath. I know what you are thinking. 6 bedrooms? Why would we need all of that room? Well, upstairs is 3 bedroom, 2 bath and downstairs is 3 bedroom, 1 bath. The downstairs has it's own entrance and full kitchen. It's on 1/3rd of an acre w/ full terraced landscaping. It is amazing! The owner we think is an elderly lady whose hubby just died and so she needs to move to a smaller home. She is also giving us all of the furniture in the basement. We are SO EXCITED!! I wish we had picture to post, but she already took the listing off of WE ARE SO EXCITED!!!! And just a quick shout-out to our AMAZING Realtor! His name is Tim Burton, he is the hubby of one of my long time friends Keri. He has been so wonderful and helped this process be fun!