Tuesday, October 13, 2009

What a week!

I am so excited! This week I get to have my first day (days) off of school! Today was our mockboard day at school and I ROCKED IT!!! I am so happy today is over! And now I am done with school for the rest of the week!!! SLEEPING here I come!!!! I just wish we had the money for Justin to take off school and go on a little vacation!!! But alas, I'm going to be sleeping, cleaning, relaxing and organizing. LIFE IS SWEET!!!!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Weekend Getaway!

We went to Wyoming a few weekends ago with Mom, Dad, Ty and Dawn (Cami & Lloyd were in Cali). We went to Yellowstone-it was a blast! We got to the park and we saw a Buffalo and got SO excited!! As we drove farther into the park we saw more and more and then there were heards crossing the road right in front of our car! It was crazy cool! One of the times they were coming right at us and Ty was really kinda freaking out and wasn't sure what to do so he slowly reached over to roll up his window and sped off. The Bison was about 1 foot away from our car!!! It was sweet! We also saw a few bald eagles, Elk, Deer and lots of trees. It was a wonderful vacation. Justin LOVED it all-it was his first trip there. We took some hikes to see the hot pots. What an awesome getaway!