Saturday, December 8, 2012


Happy December!!
We are so excited for Christmas to be right around the corner!  Hyrum is so young, but there is just something different and exciting about having a little one in the home for Christmas.  I was super excited to put decorations this year instead of feeling like I needed to just because it was Christmas time.  We don't have any new traditions that we have in mind to start yet, but just plan to enjoy every minute!

Hyrum had his 4 month check up a few days ago and he weighs 12 lbs 4 oz (7th %) , is 25 inches long (25%) and is in the 30% for his head size.  He is still a runt but is growing steadily which is all that is important.  We are starting to get into more of a set schedule now that I'm back to work.  I am so proud of his bedtime routine.  He eats around 8:30 then plays for about 15 and then it's story time, prayers and he lays in his crib until it's time to sleep.  I had heard that when they are younger than 3 months they should be subjected to the "cry-it-out" method to learn b/c they are just too young.  So when he turned 3 months I said this has to be done so that he learns how to soothe himself back to sleep and can go to sleep w/out me holding him.  He really did well!  The first night he fought for 45 minutes and I went in every 5-7 minutes to let him know I loved him but did not pick him up or talk to him.  He finally fell asleep.  The next night was only 15 minutes and then the 3rd night was 5.  Sometime he has a hard time and I have to go in once or twice, but I am so proud of his progress!  Unfortunately now he will almost always wake up around 3 or 4 and need his binkie again but rarely ever fusses enough to need to be picked up or fed.  I can't tell you how much better our night time goes now that I don't have to hold and rock him to sleep ( not that I ever minded it, I just want him to learn good sleeping habits on his own).  Our next item to tackle is swaddling....I know that he will be getting too big for the swaddler and he WILL NOT fall asleep w/out being swaddled.  He is a magician and can get his arms out some nights and always wakes himself up!  So I know we'll have to tackle that someday, but that day is not today!

Halloween was fun.  Hyrum was a darling Giraffe.  We went out trick-or-treating w/Chandler, Jana, Abby, Cami & Lloyd in my mom's neighborhood.  We decorated halloween sugar cookies and had a blast!!

Hyrum has decided to keep growing up and is now rolling over!  He did it one day when i was doing dishes and he was on his play gym on the floor.  He was kind of fussing and it sounded muffeled so I walked over and he had rolled from his back to his tummy.  He then did it again the next day and now he is just a rolling machine!!! He has woken up several time on his tummy in the crib also.  I'm sure it won't be long until he is crawling around and climbing on everything.

Some other things that have happened this last month are I quit my job!  Now don't get too excited, I'm still going to be working, just not where I was.  I have been unhappy there for a long time, well, pretty much since I've worked there (2 1/2 years) but jobs in dental hygiene are rare and hard to come by so I stayed.  Well, I have a dear friend that is going to have a baby in January and needed someone for her maternity leave with the potential of being hired on for 2 days after she comes back.  Well, that was all I needed to hear!  Oh, and that it was a fun and chill office.  So after a few months of prayer and seeking for guidance I felt that I needed this change b/c I am just so unhappy at my current office.  I let them know I was offered another job and that I was happy to stay and work some days until they could find another hygienist.  They said "ok" and mumbled something about how they'd miss me and placed an ad.  It was the best moment ever!  I felt so free knowing that I was now working on a temporary basis and it would soon end!  That sure made it better to go and leave my baby and hubs behind to be belittled and unappreciated at work.  I just cannot express the freedom I feel and the excitement I have that I'll be able to be an appreciated hygienist and do my job the way I thought it was supposed to be not the cumbersome crappy way I've been forced to over the last 2.5 years.  YAY!!! I can't wait for January to come!!

Thanksgiving was wonderful as usual.  My Uncle Larry and Aunt Lindy (my mom's brother and wife) came to join us from California.  It was so wonderful to have them here!  My mom hosted Thanksgiving and my Dad's parents came along w/his youngest brother Chad and his family.  It was so fun and full of food (as Thanksgiving should be!)  We were able to visit w/family and enjoy some time away from the world and work.  I LOVE holidays!

Another change in our life is we had the White family move into our basement.  They have been in the selling their home/buying a home process for the last year and since we have a mother-in-law apartment downstairs w/a full kitchen, laundry hookups and an separate entrance we offered it to them should they need it.  They moved in the last week of November-ish and it has been so fun!  We love having the kids here especially around the holiday time.  They just love Hyrum and Tiffany is so sweet to watch him while Justin gets some much needed sleep to get ready for the night shift while I'm at work.  They are wonderful house guests and are so respectful of our space.  They have an offer in an a cute older home in Brigham City and I hope that everything goes through b/c they deserve to have their own home and space since they have lived in a condo and then w/in-laws.  But we are enjoying having them here!

I can't upload pics right now b/c I've met my google storage!  So pics to come later (maybe)....stay tuned!

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